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Buy Terapin CD Video Audio Recorder VCD TX0002 w/FREE SHIPPING at Omega Multimedia

Terapin CD Video / Audio Recorder VCD TX0002
Terapin CD Video / Audio Recorder VCD TX0002
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  Terapin CD Video / Audio Recorder VCD TX0002

Terapin Technology's TX-0002 audio/video CD recorder carries all the convenience of a full-featured standalone/component audio CD recorder and adds the choice ability to record (and play) video CDs, too--essentially a lesser version of the DVD-Video disc and compatible with most DVD players.

Terapin CD Video / Audio Recorder VCD TX0002VCD traffics in MPEG1 video with resolution of either 352 x 240 (in NTSC) or 352 x 288 (in PAL), or approximately VHS quality.

You can store about 74 minutes of audio/video on a VCD and the traditional 80 minutes on a 700 MB audio-only disc.

As simple to use as a VCR, the TX-0002 captures composite- and S-video sources from a camcorder, VCR, broadcast TV (through cable-box or VCR connection), DVD player (with applicable non-Macrovision-protected discs).

You can program each CD with up to 99 tracks, convenient reference points to make video or audio segments easy to navigate. When it comes to choosing blank media, be aware that you can use affordable data/computer-grade CD-R and rewriteable CD-RW discs when recording VCDs but will need to use designated "audio" or "music" CD-R/CD-RW discs for creating audio-only CDs.

Terapin CD Video / Audio Recorder VCD TX0002As an audio recorder, the unit accepts analog and digital-audio inputs (via coaxial or optical terminals) from CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records, or tuners.

(Be sure to use the phono input on your receiver or integrated amplifier, rather than routing a turntable directly into the TX-0002.) You can compile tracks from various audio CDs onto a single new CD. Front-panel AV inputs foster simple connections with camcorders, VCRs, MP3 players, minidisc players, and other devices.

Terapin CD Video / Audio Recorder VCD TX0002Other features include a full onscreen display, Disc View (which splits the screen and the action into nine video frames, allowing quick scene selection), time search, slow motion and fast forward/rewind playback (at three different speeds), compatibility with both American NTSC and European PAL video formats, and automatic record synchronization (1 track or all tracks) from external digital-audio sources via the coaxial or optical inputs (audio applications only).


Allows you to record a full 74 minute motion video with audio onto a digital CD format i.e. CD-Recordable or CD-Rewritable.

Playback the recordings on compatible CD players, DVD players and multimedia computers.
Full OSD (On-Screen Display) on PCs and TVs

Special Video Playback Functions:

Disc View - splits the screen into nine video frames and action slides through these frames.

This allows you to quickly choose your scene out of a track.

Time Search - plays back from a specific time on the disc. Slow Motion and Fast Forward/Rewind Playback at 3 different speeds each.

Multi-system - Compatible with both American NTSC and European PAL video formats.

For audio applications, automatic record-synchronization (1 track or all tracks) from external digital audio source via its coaxial or optical inputs.

NOTE: Limited quantity on this EOL product. All units are open box returns, but all have have been thoroughly checked to operate as new and carry a 1 yr warranty from Omega Multimedia


-Diagnostic check $85.00
-Simple problems repaired for free!
-Call Omega Multimedia 1-800-604-9221
Terapin CD Video / Audio Recorder VCD TX0002
  Terapin CD Video / Audio Recorder VCD TX0002  
Terapin CD Video / Audio Recorder VCD TX0002 only $299.95 w/FREE Shipping Buy Now

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