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Buy Boris FX Continuum Complete 6 After Effects w/FREE SHIPPING at Omega Multimedia

Boris FX Continuum Complete 6 After Effects
Boris FX Continuum Complete 6 After Effects
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  Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE brings nearly 200 filters to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe CS3 and CS4.

This new release features 13 new filters including Extruded Text, Extruded Spline, Type-On Text, Layer Deformer, Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, and Pixel Fixer. In addition, BCC 6 AE delivers unique workflow enhancements such as support for After Effects’ Camera and Lighting System, the ability to import After Effects mask paths into BCC 6 AE filters, saving and loading of XML-based animated presets, a single-click custom preset navigation tool, and motion tracking data import and export.

Key Features for After Effects Users

-New BCC Text category of 3D OpenGL extruded text generators
-New "digital repair"-style filters such as Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, and Pixel Fixer
-Over 2000 factory-installed animated presets
-Over 1500 factory-installed static preset
-XML preset format means presets can be modified with a standard text editor
-New single-click custom-preset navigation tool eases effect selection
-OpenGL hardware-accelerated vertex and pixel shaders
-Support for After Effects' camera and lighting system
-Generate 3D extruded shapes from imported AE spline path mask shapes
-Localize filter results using imported AE spline path mask shapes or built-in PixelChooser system
-Motion Tracking data import and export in an industry-standard format
-Volumetric lighting effects and Glows
-Specular lighting special effects such as Glint, Glare, Glitter
-Compositing tools such as Light Wrap and Matte Choker
-Natural effect generators such as Snow, Rain, Fire, Stars
-Motion Key for automated foreground object removal
-Film Look effects such as Bleach Bypass, Damaged Film, and Grain Match
-Optical Flow-based image retiming and motion blur effects
-Automated optical image stabilization without the use of point trackers
-Onscreen controls for easy parameter set-up
-Performance and Quality
-16-bit deep-color pixel processing
-OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering
-Multi-core performance

Extruded Text
The BCC Extruded Text filter generates 3D Text with built-in controls for generating 3D shatters and warp deformers. This filter is OpenGL hardware-accelerated.

Create stunning 3D extruded text elements and use the AE native camera and lighting system to generate fly-throughs or use the built-in camera and lighting system to animate the viewer around the generated 3D text models. This filter also includes vertex and pixel shaders that enable the generation of animated 3D shatter, bulge, bend, taper, twist, ripple and wave effects. Generate text from scratch using the built-in title tool or copy / paste from any text editor right into the title generator window. This filter includes full control over the leading, tracking, character and paragraph styles of the generated 3D text element. You can also create reflection or texture maps for the generated 3D text from any image or video clip from the AE timeline.

Type-On Text
The BCC Type-On Text filter lets you generate text that automatically types-on the screen. This filter is OpenGL hardware-accelerated.

Creating extruded 3D type-on text effects within Adobe After Effects is now a simple process. The BCC Type-On Text filter includes a full-featured title generator that offers control over the leading, tracking, character and paragraph styles of the 3D text element. Create animated text type-ons that fly in from behind or toward the camera or slide into view from the top, left, bottom or right of the screen either letter-by-letter, word-by-word or line-by-line. Use any image or video clip from the timeline to add textures or reflection maps that animate in real-time over the extruded text element. This filter also includes the ability to use AE's native 3D camera and lighting system or the filter's built-in camera and light controls.

Extruded Spline
The BCC Extruded Spline filter generates a 3D extruded shape from a 2D After Effects spline mask shape. This filter is OpenGL hardware-accelerated.

This filter utilizes state-of-the-art OpenGL technology to generate and extrude shapes from any AE-generated mask shape. Extrude shapes using the built-in AE pen path tool or imported vector art from Adobe Illustrator. This powerful filter can use the built-in AE native camera and lighting system or you may use the camera and light tools that are included in the comprehensive filter user interface. Any image or video track from the AE timeline can use used as reflection or texture maps for the extruded surface and the generated 3D shapes can be subject to the built-in 3D warp and deform functions.

Layer Deformer
The BCC Layer Deformer distorts 2D image layers in 3D space with built-in controls for 3D effects such as ripple, wave, and sphere. This filter is OpenGL hardware-accelerated.

Use the BCC Layer Deformer to generate useful 3D shapes such as planes, cubes, spheres, cylinders and deform these 3D objects using the built-in vertex and pixel shaders. Create a bulging cube that shatters off into a million pieces or a rippling plane shape and use any image or video clip from the timeline to add textures or reflection maps. This filter also includes the ability to use the AE native 3D camera and lighting system or you may use the filter's built-in camera and light controls.







DV Fixer
The BCC DV Fixer filter is designed to soften or remove diagonal stair-step artifacts (aka jaggies) from an image clip while protecting other areas of the image from the softening process.

The filter uses proprietary algorithms to detect visible aliased diagonal edges that are typically found in DV video clips and then processes the pixels only along these edges to achieve a smooth artifact-free result. The filter is easy to use and features on-screen view modes, which are accessible via a convenient pop-up menu option within the filter user interface; this enables you to fine-tune the detected jaggy edges prior to performing any image processing.

Smooth Tone
The BCC Smooth Tone filter smoothes or softens an image while preserving the important detail contrast areas.

With the advent of HD image technology, the image result may often be "too sharp". What this means is that certain areas in the image, such as the pores on a subject's skin, may become too prominent. The Smooth Tone filter applies a complex image smoothing-algorithm to these areas in the image but does not affect extreme specular highlights or catch-lights. This results in smoother skin tones while preserving important areas of detail contrast within the image.

Cartoon Look
The BCC Cartoon Look filter simulates a rotoscope toon-animation look.

The look of cartoon rotoscope animation, which was recently popularized with feature films such as "A Scanner Darkly" and "A Waking Life" and may also be seen in memorable advertisement campaigns for Charles Schwab, was once only possible with many hours of painstaking rotoscope painting and compositing along with the use of large-scale dedicated image processing systems. With the BCC Cartoon Look filter, this look is now available to anyone who can drop a filter onto a clip. The filter includes many preset looks and styles, all available via the filter's preset pop-up menu. You can even make your own presets and apply them to any other clip in any project. This filter is easy to use, yet provides parameter controls to achieve the right look with any source material.

Charcoal Sketch
The BCC Charcoal Sketch filter simulates the painterly look of an image that was created using charcoals.

With the Charcoal Sketch filter, generating the look of an image that was created by an artist using charcoals has never been easier. Simply drop the filter onto any clip and the image is immediately transformed from a standard shot into a charcoal sketch. The filter includes easy-to-use pop-ups to determine the weight or line width and the desired level of detail.

Pencil Sketch
The BCC Pencil Sketch filter simulates the look of a hand-drawn pencil-sketched image.

The Pencil Sketch filter is another of the new "art-look" filters that are included in the BCC 6 set. Simply apply this filter to an image clip to emulate the look of an animated pencil-drawn sketch. This filter includes many apply modes which can be used to blend the generated pencil lines with the original image to produce unique stylized looks.

Water Color
The BCC Water Color filter simulates the wash look of a water color painting.

Water color paint-style images can easily be generated from any source material with the addition of the BCC Water Color filter. This filter includes the ability to control the color and weight of the contour edges as well as the desired level of contouring. Save your own preset looks or use the included user-modifiable preset looks to generate wash or water color effects.

Pixel Fixer
The BCC Pixel Fixer filter repairs pixels in the image that are the result of dust on a camera lens or imaging sensor.

Digital video and still photography, while making it easier to have immediate access to source material, come with some disadvantages versus film source material. One common problem / disadvantage is with the camera's image sensor. Sometimes pixels on the sensor stop working - with the result of "bad" pixels in the image. Instead of clone-painting to remove or disguise the bad pixel in each frame, the BCC Pixel Fixer automates this process. Simply center one of the source points in the filter over the bad pixel and it is removed from every frame in the clip. This fast-to-render filter includes source points to remove up to 10 "bad" pixels per filter instance.

The BCC Lightning filter generates simulated lightning bolts or plasma arcs. This filter is OpenGL hardware-accelerated.

The new BCC Lightning filter can be used to emulate photorealistic, auto-animated lightning bolts that emanate from single or multiple sources (sheet lightning), single bolt point-to-point timed strikes or even "Tesla Coil" high-voltage electrical plasma arcs. Dozens of static and animated presets are available for this filter and are accessed via the built-in preset pop-up selector.

Tile Mosaic
The BCC Tile Mosaic filter simulates an image that is comprised of hand-cut opaque tiles. This filter is OpenGL hardware-accelerated.

Use the BCC Tile Mosaic filter to generate the look of hand-cut tiles from a still or moving clip of images. The filter includes parameters to control the relief of the tiles as well as the shape of the tile pieces and the position of the light as it hits the tile surface. Other options include the ability to control the grout width and color.

Boris Continuum Complete AE Filter List
Color and Blurs:
Artist's Poster
Boost Blend
Color Balance
Color Choker
Color Correction
Color Palette
Correct Selected Color
Directional Blur
DV Fixer - new
Gaussian Blur
Invert Solarize
Levels Gamma
Motion Blur
MultiTone Mix
Pyramid Blur Radial Blur
RGB Blend
Safe Colors
Smooth Tone - new
Spiral Blur
Super Blend
UnSharp Mask
Alpha Pixel Noise
Alpha Spotlight
Burnt Film
Cartoon Look - new
Charcoal Sketch - new
Colorize Glow
DeGrain Filter
Drop Shadow
Dust and Scratches
Film Damage
Film Grain
Film Process
Glow Alpha Edges
Match Grain
Pencil Sketch - new
Pixel Fixer - new
RGB Edges
RGB Pixel Noise
Rough Glow
Spray Paint Noise
Water Color - new
Witness Protection

Keys and Mattes:
Alpha Process
Chroma Key
Composite Choker
Glow Matte
Light Matte
Light Wrap
Linear Color Key
Linear Luma Key
Make Alpha
Matte Choker
Matte Cleanup
Motion Key
Star Matte
Wire Remover

3D Objects:
Extruded Spline - new
Extruded Text - new
Layer Deformer - new
Type-On Text - new

Jitter Basic
Optical Flow
Optical Stabilizer
Posterize Time
Temporal Blur
Time Displacement
Trails Basic
Velocity Remap
Distortion and Perspective:
2D Particles
3D Image Shatter
Corner Pin
Displacement Map
DVE Basic
Extruded Image Shatter
Fast Flipper
Page Turn
Pan and Zoom
Sphere Transition
Vector Displacement
Z Space I
Z Space II
Z Space III

Light Sweep
Light Zoom
Rays Cartoon
Rays Puffy Light
Rays Radiant Edges
Rays Radiant Spotlight
Rays Ring
Rays Ripply
Rays Streaky
Rays Textured
Rays Wedge
Reverse Spotlight
Bump Map
Fractal Noise
Mixed Colors
Noise Map 2
Particle System
Steel Plate
Veined Marble
Wood Grain
Wooden Planks
Wipe Transitions:
Criss-Cross Wipe
Linear Wipe
Multi Stretch Wipe
Multi Stripe Wipe
Radial Wipe
Rectanglular Wipe
Textured Wipe

3D Extruded Image Shatter
Damaged TV
Lens Flare
Lens Flare Advanced
Lightning - new
Tile Mosaic - new

 Boris FX Continuum Complete 6 After EffectsContinuum Complete AE supports the following Hosts

After Effects Windows Adobe CS4 - BCC AE version 6
After Effects Mac Adobe CS4 - BCC AE version 6
After Effects 8 for Windows (Adobe CS3) - BCC AE version 5, 6
After Effects 8 for Mac (Adobe CS3) - BCC AE version 5, 6
After Effects 7 for Windows - BCC AE versions 5, 6
After Effects 7 for Mac - BCC AE versions 5, 6
After Effects 6.x for Windows - BCC AE versions 5
After Effects 6.x for Mac - BCC AE versions 5

Premiere Pro for Windows Adobe CS4 - BCC AE version 6
Premiere Pro 3.0 for Windows (Adobe CS3) - BCC AE version 5, 6
Premiere Pro 2.0 for Windows - BCC AE version 5

Boris FX Continuum Complete 6 After Effects
Win/Mac only $949.95 w/FREE Shipping
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