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Buy Avid Media Composer 3.5 video editing software w/FREE SHIPPING at Omega Multimedia
  Avid Media Composer 3.5    
         Avid Media Composer 3.5  
  Avid Media Composer is the editing software that started it all - real-time, multi-format editing plus all the creative tools, media management, and true facility-wide collaboration that makes Media Composer the application used to create the more of the world's films, TV shows and commercials - including King Kong, Crash, Walk the Line, "Gray's Anatomy," and "American Idol."  
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  With the release of Avid Media Composer 3.5 Avid has once again delivered the most stable, efficient and powerful video editing solution in the world. Regardless of your platform (PC or Mac), Media Composer taps into all of your computers power, taking advantage of multiple CPU cores, the latest GPU technology to deliver unprecedented performance, and expansive memory when running Vista 64 bit OS.

No other NLE supports as wide range of HD formats and settings as Media Composer including Canon 24f HDV, Sony progressive HDV and tapeless workflows like P2, XD Cam and Red.

Avid Media Access (AMA) allows you to edit directly from XDCAMor P2 footage – with no need for transcoding, re-wrapping or other workarounds. AMA adds full native metadata support as well for XDCAM HD/EX and P2.

Here are some of our favorite integrated plug-ins and feature included with Media Composer:

FluidFilm™ and FluidMotion™ - Create incredibly smooth slow-motion effects and “fit-to-fill" video using patented FluidMotion pixel morphing technology while you control speed and position using intuitive curve-based keyframing. Version 3.5 adds Fluid Stabilizer camera tracking!

8-point Motion Tracker system for advanced tracking operations including offset tracks, applicable to most real-time and non-real-time effect operators.

Patented SteadyGlide™ technology to remove image shakiness while preserving desirable camera motion like pans and tilts.

Real-time 16-bit SpectraMatte™ keying featuring SpectraGraph™ Viewer Chroma keying is a fundamental element in compositing and everybody needs it.

Avid Media Composer 3.5 now features new Keyframable and animate-able color correction tools for you to adjust your color over the duration of each clip for even more control.

AniMatte™ toolset for fast matte key creation within the editor

Scratch Removal – remove unwanted imperfections in your footage

Fully customizable TimeWarp effects

Multicamera Editing with Multigroup capability for grouping multiple “banks" of camera angles. Multicam is available at any Avid resolution from single field to uncompressed.

ScriptSync™ for incredibly fast matching of source clips to a text script or transcript.

Blend Effects including Real-time 3D warp with 23 customizable parameters and Blur effect for deep defocus of images and keys with alphas

Edit in 3D! Avid Media Composer version 3.5 adds support for stereoscopic editing.

When you order Media Composer you also get these fantastic 3rd party software titles to make your post production workflow even stronger!

Boris Continuum Complete — Create Stunning visual effects. An AVX Video Effects plug-in designed for Avid editing systems.

Avid FX — Add dazzling titles and effects. Create stunning visuals with integrated 2D and 3D compositing, titles, animation and effects.

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro — Professional Audio Soundtracks. Creating a pre-recorded royalty-free music soundtrack is simple using Sonicfire Pro.

Sorenson Squeeze — Publish to the web. Optimize and deliver content in a create-once-publish-anywhere world

Avid DVD by Sonic — Break out with Blu-ray Disc authoring. Author next-generation titles with professional SD and HD authoring (Windows only including Windows Vista 64 bit).

A Complete list of the newest Features in Avid Media Composer v3.5:

-Avid Media Access (AMA)
-Native End to End support for XDCAM
-Full native metadata and disc/card support for XDCAM HD/EX and P2
-Support for stereoscopic editing
-Support for Pro Tools 8 Video Satellite
-Fluid Stabilizer camera tracking
-Animate-able color correctionSupport for Mac OSX Leopard and Windows Vista 32 & 64
-Software licensing mechanism
-Supported formats: Canon 24f HDV capture, Sony progressive HDV
-Qualification of Panasonic 32 GB P2 card
-Improved real-time effect performance
-MetaFuze tool, for quickly merging single-frame files (such as R3D, DPX and TIFF) from film   scanning or CGI systems into a single media clip (Windows only)
-Real-time multi-window metadata burn-in tool

Upgrade from xpresspro Avid Media Composer 3.5 Upgrade from Avid Xpress Pro or Media Composer 2.x






Avid Media Composer 3.5
Only $1995.00 w/FREE Shipping
Buy Now

Editing done right

Editing interface
Edit faster with the most efficient, accurate, and flexible editing interface available. Work the way you want with the mouse, screen buttons or keyboard shortcuts, with full customization of screen and keyboard layouts to speed things up further.

Trimming tools
Avid's powerful trimming tools set the standard for speed and flexibility. Trim transitions with the mouse, on-the-fly, or nudge frame-by-frame. "Slip" and "slide" clips quickly with a comprehensive two, four or six-frame display.

Script-based editing
Take the work out of editing of scripted or transcript based productions. With ScriptSync, dailies are phonetically synced to the script automatically, so lining up dailies to the script takes minutes, not hours.

Open Timeline
Edit multiple SD and HD formats in real time, in the same timeline, without rendering or transcoding. Mix SD and HD, online and offline. Play any mix of resolutions in real time.

Media management
Avid offers the most reliable and accurate media management available. Don't worry about losing media or render files; the software tracks them all. It even allows sequences to relink to multiple resolutions.

Database management
Create custom metadata fields to track your material the way you want. Use multi-level sift and sort to find information that goes far beyond the reach of OS-level searches.

Seamless integration into any workflow

Total Conform
Streamline your offline/online workflow with the ability to share projects and media between Media Composer and Symphony systems. Every media clip, edit, and effect is directly available, so you can start the online without delay.

Avid Media Access (AMA)
Avid Media Access provides full native end to end workflow for XDCAM HD and full native support including metadata integration and card/disc support for P2 and XDCAM-HD/EX formats.

File-based workflows
Save time and maintain quality using "tapeless" file-based workflows. Access P2 and XDCAM files directly from disc or card, with metadata. Edit the media in its native format and play out or write back directly to disk or card.

Native HD codec support
Start editing faster with native support for a wide range of HD codecs, including HDV, XDCAM-HD, XDCAM-EX, DVCPRO HD and AVC-I , in progressive 720p, 1080p and interlaced formats. No need to transcode, even when mixing codecs.

Film editing tools
The award-winning Avid Film Composer toolset offers the industry's most powerful and accurate film workflow. Save time with automatic syncing of audio and video and seamless tracking of timecode, KeyKode, and other metadata.

Timecode and subtitling creation
Speed up any online or audio post workflow by creating an on-screen timecode display in real time. Use the SubCap tool to deliver open-caption subtitling deliverables, with import and export of EBU-N19 formats.

Multimedia export and DVD creation
Use the integrated tools to create a large variety of high-quality output formats for Web or electronic delivery. On Windows-based systems, integrated DVD authoring tools let you create full-featured DVDs or fast-turnaround approval DVDs.

Timestamp Export for BWF
Insert the sequence timecode based on project type when exporting the timeline audio tracks as BWF (Broadcast WAV). Provides fast and easy sync reference for downstream process that do not support OMF or AAF such as slave playback devices.

Engineered for collaboration

Sharing media, projects, and ideas
Seamless integration with Avid Unity media networks means true collaboration at any scale. Multiple editing systems can play the same file, and even capture to the same volume, simultaneously.

Performance and reliability
Engineered for deadline-driven, real-time collaboration, Avid Unity media networks combine high-performance hardware and software in a family of integrated, turnkey solutions, all backed and supported by a single, trusted source.

Shared projects and bins
Because media bins are not linked to specific projects or users, editors working in an Avid Unity environment can open bins from other projects, without having to copy media. And they can give other editors access to their bins, even while they are in use.

User settings
Take all your user settings with you when you move from one Avid system to another, even from an offline to an online or finishing system. All shortcuts, keyboard and screen customization are there for you to use, so you will be up and running in no time.

Interplay support
Bring collaboration to the next level with support for the Avid Interplay nonlinear workflow engine. Add sophisticated multi-contributor asset management, multi-resolution workflows, rules based transcoding, and other tools for facility-wide collaboration.
Get the look, effects, and quality you envision

Color Correction
Save time and maintain quality with a fully integrated 10-bit color correction toolset. Only Avid offers NaturalMatch to quickly and accurately match shots. Or use the large palette of easy-to-use manual tools for corrective or creative adjustments.

Create incredibly smooth slow-motion effects and "fit-to-fill" video using Avid's patented pixel morphing technology. Apply the look of progressive film to interlaced video material with the exclusive FluidFilm feature.

Create a high-quality key, even with compressed HD codec material. Eliminate guesswork and get the perfect key using the interactive interface. Preview your keys in real time and with online quality with 16-bit SpectraGraph technology.

Fluid Stabilizer
Stabilize shots with the most complex camera movements. Fluid Stabilizer works in conjunction with SteadyGlide and Stabilize to filter out error-inducing object motion from the motion analysis, resulting in extremely precise image stabilization

Effect plug-ins
Increase your effect library using third-party plug-ins, such as the bundled Boris Continuum Complete and Avid FX. Save time using the real-time playback capabilities of selected AVX2 effects. AVX plug-ins are fully integrated into the Avid user interface using the Avid AVX2 standard.

Effect performance
Get the best real-time multi-layer effect performance using Avid's advanced effect acceleration.

Avid DNxHD support
Edit HD material in real time on your software system using Avid DNxHD encoding, including HD offline using Avid DNxHD36 media. The high-efficiency Avid DNxHD codec is designed to maintain image quality during multi-generation editing.

Avid Media Composer 3.5
Only $1995.00 w/FREE Shipping
Buy Now

A worldwide, world-class community

Market leadership
Avid knows about professional content creation. We have been in this industry over 20 years, and more TV and film productions are created using Avid tools than with those from any other company.

Industry focus
Avid is focused on the people and enterprises that make, manage, and move media. We are dedicated to creating innovative products and solutions that help professionals in this industry do their jobs more efficiently and to the highest quality.

Editor availability
There are Avid editors all over the world, and they are widely considered the best in the industry. So it is always easy to find freelance resources, qualified applicants, or simply a fellow editor.

Tiered, expert support programs
Avid offers a comprehensive range of support programs designed to fit your needs and budget. Whether it's free Web-based support, pay-per-case telephone support, a support contract, or installation services, we have the solution for you.

Qualified online and classroom training
Avid knows that training helps you get the most out of your investment. That is why we offer a range of training and certification options, including books, online courses and classroom training, and customized training programs.

User communities
Connect with your fellows editors. Get advice from Avid staff. Stay up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques. Avid offers a large selection of dedicated Web-based communities and forums, and actively supports many user groups all over the world.

Avid Media Composer 3.0 Supports the following project formats:




HD - 720


HD - 1080


Native codec support

DV25 / DVCAM (25 Mb/s): 4:1:1 NTSC, 4:1:1 PAL, 4:2:0 PAL, 24p
DV50 (50 Mb/s)


HDV (25Mb/s)
Native project formats: 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/23.976 (with support for 24p material), 720p/25, 720p/29.97, 720p/50, 720p59.94
Capture over IEEE-1394, edit, playback, export to file without timecode (export not for 24p material)


DV - 25 Mb/s
IMX30 - 30 Mb/s
IMX40 - 40 Mb/s
IMX50 - 50 Mb/s


MPEG - 18 Mb/s VBR
MPEG - 25 Mb/s VBR
MPEG - 25 Mb/s CBR
MPEG - 35 Mb/s VBR
MPEG – 50 Mb/s CBR
MPEG-4 Proxies


MPEG - 25 Mb/s
MPEG - 35 Mb/s

Panasonic DVCPRO (SD)

DVCPRO - 25 Mb/s
DVCPRO50 - 50 Mb/s

Panasonic DVCPRO HD

DVCPRO HD - 100 Mb/s
AVC-I (no render)
Native project formats: 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/60, 720p/25, 720p/23.976

Microsoft VC-1

VC-1 (not supported on Mac PowerPC, edit/playback only on Mac-Intel)

File-based support

Avid Media Access (AMA)
Avid Media Access provides full native end to end workflow for XDCAM HD and full native support including metadata integration and card/disc support for P2 and XDCAM-HD/EX formats.

Full native direct access to XDCAM Media and metadata
Native editing of all listed SD and HD data rates (see above)
Import via File Access Mode (FAM) over IEEE-1394
Ingest via FTP client over Ethernet
Ingest, Playout and Write-back of finished program to XDCAM media

Panasonic P2

Full native direct access to P2 Media and metadata
Native DVCPRO HD editing of all listed HD formats (see above)
Direct edit of P2 media from cards or disk drive
Support for P2 Store
Write-back of finished program to P2 media (Windows only)

Avid DNxHD

All DNxHD formats
Refer to the DNxHD White Paper for details
Playback only, no capture

Compressed SD resolutions

AVR (playback only)
4:1s, 2:1s, 3:1, 2:1 (no capture)
15:1s, 20:1, 10:1
35:1p, 28:1p, 14:1p, 3:1p, 2:1p
4:1m, 10:1m, 3:1m(p), 8:1m(p)

Uncompressed SD and HD

1:1 interlaced 8-bit
1:1 interlaced 10-bit
1:1 progressive 8-bit


1:1 8-bit (no capture)
1:1 10-bit (no capture)

Avid Media Composer 3.5
Only $1995.00 w/FREE Shipping
Buy Now

PCI-E (audio/video I/O)
RS-422 (serial machine control)
Soundcard audio input
Soundcard audio output
Graphics card output (full-screen video playback)

What's in the box

Avid Media Composer
Avid MediaLog
Avid Log Exchange
Avid FilmScribe
Avid EDL Manager
Avid MetaSync Manager
Avid MetaFuze
Avid Interplay Transfer (standalone version)

Third-party bundled software

Avid DVD by Sonic - Industry-leading DVD and Blu-ray authoring (Windows only)
Boris Continuum Complete - Comprehensive library of customizable video filters and transitions
Sorenson Squeeze - Multimedia export with customizable compression templates
SmartSound SonicFire Pro - Automated music track creation
Avid FX - 2D & 3D compositing, titles, animation and effects
NOTE: Avid Academic Composer Media only includes Avid DVD by Sonic. No other third party software is included.

Keycaps labels

Basics Guide
Advanced Effects Guide
Avid Resource Guide

Avid Media Composer 3.5
Only $1995.00 w/FREE Shipping
Buy Now

Qualified platforms

Supported operating systems
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 (32 bit)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 (32 bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Business SP1 (32 bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Business SP1 (64 bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 (64 bit)
Apple Mac OSX 10.5.5 (Leopard)
Apple Mac OSX 10.5.6 (Leopard)

Minimum system requirements for Media Composer Software - Windows

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz

System Memory:
2GB of RAM
Note 1: If working with complex sequences, (multiple effects/streams) or compressed HD resolutions 4 GB of RAM is recommended.
Note 2: Vista requires 4 GB of RAM

Graphics Card:
NVidia Quadro FX 560 or higher
Note 1: Only Nvidia cards are supported
Note 2: Full Screen play feature requires a minimum of 128MB of graphics memory

Internal Hard Drive:
40GB minimum hard disk drive
Note 1: Any media drives need to be 7200RPM or greater

Optical Drive:

DVD capable drive required for product installation

Minimum system requirements for Media Composer Software - Mac

Intel dual, dual core 2.66 GHz Xeon
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz (laptops)

System Memory:
2GB of RAM
Note 1: If working with complex sequences, (multiple effects/streams) or compressed HD resolutions 4 GB of RAM is recommended.

Graphics Card:
NVidia GeForce family
Note 1: Full Screen play feature requires a minimum of 128MB of graphics memory

Internal Hard Drive:
40GB minimum hard disk drive
Note 1: Any media drives need to be 7200RPM or greater

Optical Drive:

DVD capable drive required for product installation


Uncompressed video on laptops
The support of uncompressed video on laptops is limited to one stream of uncompressed Standard-Definition.

Avid Mojo SDI connection on laptops
The connection of Avid Mojo SDI on laptops is only supported via an integrated IEEE-1394 port, not using PCMCIA cards.

Avid has tested and qualified Apple QuickTime version 7.5.5.

Windows Media Player
Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 is required in order to create various export formats, as well as to work with VC-1 codec material.

Avid Mojo SDI connection
Avid Media Composer software with Avid Mojo SDI must be installed on Avid-qualified platforms. For more details on PCI Bus Segment requirements see the PCI Bus Segmentation Requirements for Avid Mojo Avid Media Composer software with Avid Mojo SDI requires platforms with more than one PCI bus segment whenever external storage is used.

Avid Media Composer 3.5External storage includes Fibre, SCSI, FireWire and Avid Unity media networks. The configurations qualified by Avid will accommodate users requirements for local storage and/or Avid Unity shared storage. Avid Mojo SDI connects to the host via an IEEE-1394 cable.

For proper real-time performance, Avid Mojo SDI must connect to a PCI bus segment that is not shared with any SCSI or Fibre Channel storage controller being used for local or shared storage. IEEE 1394 drives cannot be connected to the same port as Avid Mojo SDI. Avid Mojo SDI must be connected to the 1394a port. The 1394b port is not qualified for Avid Mojo SDI.

Avid Media Composer 3.5
Only $1995.00 w/FREE Shipping
Buy Now

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